Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Problems renewing flickr Pro Account! Flickr Support sucks!

I have a Flickr Pro account, but last november my membership ended without prior warning.
One day I went to my flickr page and ... bang ... only a small amount of my photos were there ... My account was reduced to "normal" user limits.

So I tried to renew it quickly but due to some bug they have on the payment of people that have Id's I was not able.

So I opened an event in flickr support (case419397 and after case443682)

"My account expired and I want to renew it.
When trying to renew, the prices are presented in Brazilian and not Dollars or Euro as I'm Portuguese.
When I try to pay I get the message "No foi possivel processar a transac√£o. Tente Mais tarde" in the url

I want to renew my flickr account and also want to make sure that all me images uploaded during last year are not deleted.
Please help!"

I took more or less ONE MONTH and 9 messages from support for them to recognize they had a problem and to freely extend my membership for 3 months until they solve the problem (I hope).

Each answer from Flickr support did not address my issue, or simply disregarded what I had previously wrote. Horrible Support!

Today I received the partial good news :)

"We are aware that this is a problem for some of our users and our engineers are currently working to find a solution.

I've added 3 free months of pro to your account so you can get started using your pro features right away. Please try your payment again when this temporary upgrade expires: the issue should be resolved by then.

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Anonymous said...

flickr sucks.. cheaters.. wanted to make money out of our memories..
they r mean